Per Ardua

A school for the future

Cultivating change-makers for the future…

Schooling has barely changed over the last 200 years. Yet everything else changes within a matter of years in this fast-paced world. So it seems negligent to nurture our kids in a defunct system that was created to drive young adults into factories.


Teaching for the future, not the past…

The ‘modern’ education system is woefully inadequate in equipping humanity’s future (our kids) for today’s reality, let alone the next 20 years. The current system is geared up for getting as many young adults into the ‘9-5 job’ ecosystem, as that’s what Government policy-makers have needed in the past to drive the economy forward.

Preparing students to work with technology, not be replaced by it…

With exponential technological progress increasing at ever faster rates, this is rapidly driving everything in our lives down towards gross marginal costs, therefore, the world will soon no longer need the population to sacrifice 40-60 hours per week to a job.

Essentially, we need to nurture future generations of young adults that are critical thinkers, adaptive, pro-active and problem solvers. Not exam obsessed drones which the ‘modern’ system is fixated on as information regurgitation is already largely a redundant skill in most cases. The average school pupil in a normal UK state-school does an average of 30 minutes of active learning per school day.

The World is changing at an exponential rate, our schools need to keep up…

The world will see changes over the next 20 years more dramatic than what we’ve seen over the last 100 years. 

Our future change-makers NEED a school that will equip them for the realistic future.



Nurtures good, kind, respectful and happy humans first and foremost.

Sparks a genuine thirst and insatiable hunger for learning new things, driven and directed by themselves. Effective learning needs context and the right timing for the learner. Therefore a fixed linear syllabus is inadequate.

Is skills and knowledge based, NOT time based. A ‘modern’ school spits a person out after a fixed amount of time, regardless of how competent, confident they are or if they have any useful skills. But for the most optimum start to life, it’s better and more logical to have students leave school once they’ve attained a certain knowledge, skills, competence and confidence level. Age is arbitrary and should be irrelevant. Why hold someone brilliant back and hinder their potential? Likewise, why force someone out into the real world when they’re not sufficiently equipped for it?

Empowers young adults with truly effective critical thinking. In a world with continual tidal waves of fake news, mis-information and highly divisive topics, it’s absolutely essential that our children can cut through the noise, analyse hard data and come to a conclusion based solely on data. Not news headlines. We feel it’s imperative that all adults should regularly interrogate the data set from which they form their beliefs, opinions and stances and also to be fluid in ones thinking. Just imagine a generation or 2 of young people that thought this way…


Parents who put a lot of weight and importance on standardised testing, exams, grades and qualifications. The common belief is that good grades = good qualifications which = a good job. But in the vast majority of degree holders, this is not reality.

Most people end up £50k in debt for a degree which is irrelevant to their job and that job is normally an inefficient vehicle to become debt free and prosper. Elon Musk is a prime example of why you don’t need qualifications to do extraordinary things.

Most jobs that currently need degrees such as the law, medical and engineering sectors will soon (within 20 years) be redundant. AI and robotics will replace a staggering amount of jobs. Even Surgeons, Engineers, Lawyers, Pilots and nurses.

Parents who will be worried that their kids will be on a learning path that doesn’t follow or parallel the official mainstream syllabus.

Yes, there may be snapshots in time where your child may appear to be behind the mainstream learning curve, but what you’ll find is that they will be exceedingly superior to normal school kids in many other (more important) facets of life and learning. And just like the Montessori nurseries have cultivated most of the world pioneers today, Per Ardua will most likely end up with similar results.

To better understand our angle, context and approach to learning, we wholesomely embrace the wonderful concepts and teachings in:

The Scandinavian and Japanese schooling system


The epic work of Sir Ken Robinson, Ricardo Semlar of the Lumiar schooling system, the Montessori method

The philosophical musings of Alan Watts and the amazing approach to life conveyed by Jim Rohn in his book ‘The Art of Exceptional Living’

The pertinent book ‘How To Win Friends & Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie

The work, teachings and future forecasts of the modern day technological prophet – Ray Kurzweil